Saturday, February 18, 2012

Craft Summary

Week of 2/1 We made groundhogs. We had about 2 kids so here are pictures of mine:

The one on the right is a pop-up groundhog, the left is a statue (of sorts). Both were toilet paper roll crafts, which we have plenty of.

Week of 2/8

We made collage Valentines. And since they all took them home, I am pictureless. But I have to tell you it was a pretty fantastic craft because I got to write a love notes for a 7 year old. (He dictated, I wrote).

 Later that week we made Duck Tape Roses with about 5 kids. It was hard for them, but we had 2 of us teaching, so it worked.

Week of 2/15
We had a African American History Month theme going on so we made paper quilts. I found the work sheets on

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