Saturday, February 18, 2012

Craft Planning (2)

This week: Mardi Gras Masks!

I think I am going to cut the templates out of cardboard. We still have plenty of bling, glitter, feathers and other fun stuff.

Also, to continue the African American History Month activities, I found this star finder. They have one for every month of the year and they fold up like a old school fortune teller. I thought it would be a good a DIY craft (as in I don't have to do it for you or manage you while you're doing it) for the African American Read-In that we're having Friday.

Next week, since Craft Day falls on Leap Day, I think I am going to make scrap bags and have a crazy-invent-your-own-craft-day.

I have already found my St. Patricks Day Craft...

I think it's a little young, but I have decided it was cute, so hopefully they won't make fun of me. Or ask how I celebrate St. Patricks Day.

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