Saturday, February 18, 2012

Olympic Program Brainstorming

I want to have a library Olympics.

I was reading the news, and all of a sudden I remembered the Olympics were this summer, how cool would it be to have a week long, or day long competition? It would be an awesome competition that I think the kids here would really get into. Here is some info on the Olympics, there a list of sports on that page somewhere... I am thinking at the least we could have Table Tennis, Basketball (court right across the street, maybe something simple like a H.O.R.S.E. competition) Archery (Foam darts instead of sharp arrows), Gymnastics, or maybe a dance competition? YES!


  1. Great idea. I have done with straw shooting and paper plate discs. Don't call it an Olympics though. That's a copyrighted term and a big no-no according to the Olympic Committee.

  2. Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of not using the word Olympic in the program title.

    I want to throw around paper discs! Or, I ordered the Frisbees as a summer reading prize, so we could use those.