Thursday, December 26, 2013

January-Week 1

I am thinking of making this, of course for 2014 instead of 2011. 

New Years Craft From Take This Craft and Make it

Both Christmas and New Years fell on my craft days so they have been cancelled for the last 2 weeks of December. So I may sneak this one in next Thursday. Picturess to come!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Decorations

Also, I made this and plan on making more for the library for decorations. They are super quick once you get the pieces of paper cut. I found that I was a little OCD about where to cut, I ended up cutting a triangle so that I could make 4 equal cuts and inch apart. It worked for me, but then again it made a large snowflake at the end. I am going to make some smaller ones at some point.

Oh and we brought the tree out... :-)

Holiday Crafts

This week we'll be doing Christmas cards to send to a local nursing home. Pictures to come!

Next week, on December 18, we'll make Christmas ornaments. Here are some examples of some we've made in the past

Christmas Tree Ornament

Reindeer Ornament

Origami wreath made out of discardced comic book pages. 

Paper Ornament
This and others can be found: Squidoo
But I am rewriting the easy directions here as well:
For one ornament you will need:
2-6 inch strips of construction paper
2-5.5 inch strips of construction paper
2-5 inch strips of construction paper
1-4.5 inch strip of construction paper
Paper can be in whatever color you wish, I used the typical Christmas colors: red, green and white.

The difference in lengths will decrease or increase the amount of space between the layers.

  1. Start with the 4.5 piece in the middle. 
  1. Put the 5 inch pieces on either side, creating a "sandwich". Do the same with the 5.5 and 6 inch pieces. 
  1. Staple one end of the strips of paper, making sure it is even.
  1. Take the loose end and make them even with the 4.5 inch piece so that the center balloons out. 
All done!
You can make the lengths of paper shorter or longer depending on where you plan to hang it or the age group you're working with. I find that the 1/2 inch difference in lengths works well. 

This year I found quite a few origami ornaments and since it's so popular at my library we'll be making those. Pictures to come after we make them!

New Direction

In spirit of the year ending and another starting I am going to recommit to the blogging world. It's a creative outlet in more way than one.

I am going to focus on cheap and affordable crafts that we will create in my library. I like to go with themes, but know it's hard with a lack of time or inspiration. So let's try and make this easy... and FUN!

I do craft with my kiddies at the library once a week on Wednesdays. so look forward to a weekly post with craft plans and pictures!