Monday, October 31, 2011

Notes on the New Books (2)

The know-it-all narrator from the New York Times Bestselling How to Be a Baby is back with the third book in the series. This time, she knows all about how to get a job, and she walks readers through the whole process: from deciding what you want to be all the way to acing the interview (tip: don't bring your pet gerbils). This book is sure to be a hit with kids who love to play pretend and dream about what they're going to be when they grow up.
How to Get a Job by Me The Boss

Love this book! llustrations were a plenty, and the text was funny and to the point. I am sure a lot of mom's and dad's out there would really appreciate this book if they are working, or going back to work. Also, it is a great way to introduce the idea of having jobs to kids, just so they know one day they will have to work too. And they should do what they love. 

Tommy's not himself today. He's lost his T-R-U-C-K! And no matter what Mom, Dad, sis, brother, and Grandma offer, it's just not as fun as his best red truck. The family dog isn't as picky, and sharp-eyed readers will wonder what happens to the cast-off toys Bowser gets his mouth around. Meanwhile, Tommy tears through the house and yard to hilarious and poignant effect, only to discover, in a grand moment of triumph, sneaky Bowser's secret stash. Hooray! Tommy's found his T-R-U-C-K! Come on Bowser, let's go play!
A welcome addition to the community of strong-willed but endearing picture-book protagonists, Tommy proves you can be in a funk and still be a sweet kid.

Where's My T-R-U-C-K?

I heart Karen Beaumont. It's been love ever since I Ain't Gonna Paint No More. I like this book. Just like Say What?, it rings very true to how a child thinks. I mean it even feels like he is spelling TRUCK, just as an adult would when we're hiding a word from a child. As per usual, the illunstrations are fantastic, bright and animated. 

There once was a little, little girl... with a BIG, BIG voice.
One day she went to find someone to play with.
In this vibrantly illustrated picture book, one loud little girl looks for a friend to play with. She searches the jungle high and low for a pal but her BIG voice scares all the animals away! One by one, an elephant, a snake and a croc quickly retreat away from her booming vocals, until at last she finds the perfect playmate-whose "roar" is even louder than hers!

The Little Little Girl With the Big Big Voice

This book feels like it could be a cartoon, I actually wish it was. I want to hear what her voice sounds like, it feels like she would say really sassy cute things. Other than that, it felt like a "name the animal book"... the illustrations make it feel more original. 

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