Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Reading in a Nut

Not a shell, because then it would be neat and easy, compact and would crack quietly instead of with a bang. No, summer reading is just a nut, just nuts, as in, crazy with a bang.

It has been 6 weeks. I have come home from work twitching if my husband says my name because I have already heard it approximately 5000 times. They want headphones, and snack and a computer, sometimes a book. They run around, they tattletale, they talk about someones cousin's aunt's mother's father. It is exhausting. Worse part is, even though summer reading is over, summer is not. There are still like weeks left. It's like forever.

I feel like I have had a successful program though, which almost makes it worth it. I had almost 60 kids sign up and almost 30 participate. Those are fantastic numbers compared to last year where I had the same amount sign up but only 10 actually participate. I call that an improvement. And except for some confusion with supply money, prize orders and lost (then found) gift certificates for party food, everything, like it's supposed to, works out in some weird way.

I have found that my days are more about people management than book management. I have lost my temper, I have snapped, I have told the kids to go do something with their lives other than stalk me. Yet they still come back to my desk and stand idly playing with anything they can see. It drives me crazy. I feel like the mean librarian, all the time, because I managing them. I am going through a case of the overpaid babysitter syndrome.

It's been a long day, long week, long summer. I am looking forward to the start of the new school year. And not only for the quiet time, but the start of the new craft season! Look forward to more postings.

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