Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Crafts

So, I had this idea one day that I was going to build a tree on the bulletin board. Yes, those were the exact words: "build a tree", because I am special. I probably looked pretty pathetic staring at the pieces of brown paper that I had taped together to form one large sheet of paper. Because I had no idea how to actually draw the tree and cut it out. I am crafty. But I am not a drawer. Luckily, we were training Libby (a new librarian) that week so she drew the fabulous tree for me. 
Tree-Week 1

Close-up of the awesome owl Libby made.
Tree-Week 2
Have they figured out yet that I am using them to make a pretty bulletin board yet?

I am trying to decide what to add next. I am in a Halloween mood (already), but I have 4 weeks before Halloween, I don't want to bore my crafters or run out of steam.
See! I put the books out today!

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